Since high school which was some 25+ years ago, I have been a collector of quotes. For some reason I have always found solice and comfort in reading the wisdom of others. Maybe I was never sure of how to express a feeling or point of view but someone must wiser than me like Benjamin Franklin or Ronald Reagan said something so profound that someone wrote it down and saved it. Some quotes can be reflective, some just plain funny – all of them meaning different things to each reader as well. My bff at the time was the first person to ever share quotes with me and actually is probably the trigger which set me off on my way to collecting my own. It had been during a particularly difficult time in my life. Sophomore year a time of big changes for a 16 year old girl who’s home life was very challenging. My bff, although a terrific writer herself – who actually has now written 3 or 4 published novels and teaches at Williams – looked to the wisedom of others to help me through my rough patch added to her own words “I love you”.

It would be very poetic to be able to christen this blog with those very quotes but as I look through my files while writing this I can’t find them – which is really annoying and all the more reason to start filing these all in cyberspace on my blog. Oh well, that’s my reality of a cluttered life. I dedicate this blog to the man pictured above Mr. Benjamin Franklin, an avid collector of sayings – most of which he coined himself [I think he would have absolutely loved the internet] and to my high school bff for helping me find the words when I couldn’t find them myself.

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I am an artist, photographer and avid gardener. I am passionate about life, my family, my dogs and my friends.

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